Thursday, 3 December 2015

ADDI EXPRESS KINGSIZE and my Dragon Scale Scarf

WOW! **Yawn and stretch**

I sincerely am sorry for taking so long to give you another post, it feels like I have been "Sleeping on the Job" and am waking from that slumber...

I got around to making a video demonstrating my new technique "Active  Crochet Cast Off"
and got a question on my YouTube Tutorial (opens in a new window).

This question was great, and what I forgot to mention, is that with a crochet cast off, you are not limited to a one stitch decrease. I have another pattern using my technique which involves active reshaping (a reversible flat scarf). 

On a personal note, I have been under the weather's spell... Now the sunshine is here it helps the day go by that much nicer... I have been trialing new medicine, and its good, but it seems I need bigger doses and they are just right in between to keep me coherent and active, its pretty great :) and maybe back to school for me...

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