Sunday, 6 April 2014

My First Punchneedle


I love to try all types of needlecraft. I found this technique about a month ago and decided to try my hand on this too... pretty pleased with how it came together for my first one :)

[[ You can find a good explanation of what PUNCHNEEDLE is on June Gilbank's website. ]]

This is it finished after I took it off the hoop. 
The first thing I know I will do differently next time, is that ALL outlines will need to be 2 stitch lines wide, or make the filling not so dense.

I started by downloading a picture from google and then traced it onto my weavers cloth with a fine permanent marker. There are some transfer papers you can print then iron onto your cloth, but I thought it wouldnt matter, being my first piece. Then I filled in the traced lines with black.

The next job was to "colour it in". I started from the centre and worked outwards. Firstly with the white, then green's and then one purple.

The back looks neater than the front, but I think that has something to do with the black outlines not being thick enough.

The back view of my finished project before I took it off the loom.

I still have no idea how to "finish" it. Some people say rub the back with fabric or PVA glue, I just don't know if I will like that. So I may make another piece to try that method on.

I will be putting a crochet edge on it that is a certainty! The next choice will be frame or board... Decisions decisions... Suggestions would be great!

Thanks for checking out my post :) 

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