Thursday, 24 April 2014

Web hosting and my new website

So I have decided to make a website. I cant afford all the fancy offerings you can find out there just yet, so I went with a freebie.
There are a number of free webhosting sites out there, but had the simplicity I was after. 
The design templates are great starters for the HTML5 illiterate. I must admit, my HTML coding skills are now obsolete. Back when Yahoo! had Geocities, I had some pretty "flashy" skills. HTML, PHP, CSS and a little bit of Java for my Canasta league needs. Nowadays, its all a matter of selecting the elements you want and a few clicks later you have a mad website loaded with features.
I only spent about 2 hours on my website (umm sadly it shows lol), but something like what I have published would have taken a couple of days! Easy! 
I am working on my site and playing with all the little ins and outs. You will see changes every so often until it meets the "Just Right" factor I'm after. 

Take a look and give me some feedback, it will help me keep things on track :)
You can find my site at 
You will even see this post there on my "HOME" page. 

Thanks again for taking a gander with me on my crochet hobby business. 

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