Monday, 23 June 2014

ADDI EXPRESS & KINGSIZE Crochet Cast off Tool

I made this and it has been somewhat helpful, I held the post back because its "not 100%", in saying that... I love interaction  with other crafters and creative minds... So here is what I have so far... My thoughts are for a better "needle end" and a reminder not to roll up the tool when I'm done... Those kinks are hideously annoying lol
Here we go... 

Tunisian cabled needle, wool needle, heat shrink, scissors
Trim the tail of cable
Cut wool needle and wedge into end of cable
Slide a snug fitting piece of heat shrink over needle and cable
Use a hair dryer on high setting to set heat shrink
The finished cast off tool :)


Post your pics of your tool to my Facebook page 
I look forward to seeing yours!

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