Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Irish Rose Granny Square ~ by Leighla

There are a few different ways to do this, but here is my version. It sits flatter but still 3D and it is much neater than a few I have seen. 

START with Colour A, CH8, SS into first chain to form a loop

Step 2
CH6, *DC into loop, CH3* repeat 6 times and SS into the 3rd CH/DC (Makes 8 spokes) - bind off 

Step 3
With Colour B, SC join, CH2, 3 DC, CH2, SC in the same "spoke"

*SC, CH2, 3 DC, CH2, SC* in each "spoke around 

Join with a SS in the base of the first SC

Step 3
CH4, TURN, SS between the SC of each "petal"

*CH4, SS between petals* repeat around, SS join under first CH4, CH1

Step 4
TURN, *SC, CH2, 5 DC, CH2, SC in CH4 space* repeat 7 more times
SS join in bottom of first SC

Step 5
(Like step 3) TURN, *CH6, SS between SC of petals* repeat around, SS under first chain space made, CH1

Step 6
(Like step 4) TURN, *SC, CH2, 7 DC, CH2, SC in each CH6 space around, SS join in the bottom of first SC

Step 7
TURN, SS join Colour C between SC's of petals, 

CH3, 2 DC in same space as SS, *CH 5, SC between next petals, CH 5, 3 DC-CH1-3 DC between next petals* repeat twice, CH 5, SC between next petals, CH 5, 2 DC in same space as starting SS, CH 1, SS join in CH3/DC, CH1, TURN

Step 8
SS into CH1 space, CH3, DC in same space, *DC in each of the next 3 DC, 4 DC in CH5 space, DC in SC, 4 SC in next CH5 space, DC in each of the next 3 DC, 2DC-CH1-2DC in CH1 space* repeat around and for last "corner"- 2DC in CH1 space, CH 1, SS join to CH3/SC

You could continue around with a DC in each DC and 2DC-CH1-2DC increase in each corner. 

Front view

Back View

Hope you enjoyed that :) 


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