Sunday, 4 May 2014

Stitch Marker Tips

I am designing a project that has centre shaping and the best way to make it easy on yourself is by placing stitch markers. They are a great way to reduce your count-recount-recount-grr-recount time (STML has its difficulties in crafting lol)

Placement is important too! On this tunisian knit stitch I am working on (in the pictures) 
If you have a central section like me, then your going to need 2-3 markers.
The centre marker is best marking the stitch in the row directly below...

Thats the "easy marker". Of course you could mark all 3 stitches like this but it helps to make a slight change to the left and the right stitch markers... 

Insert the LEFT stitch marker in to the left side of the "starting" stitch and then in the previous row DIRECTLY BELOW the stitch on a / angle. 

The left stitch marker is the opposite of the right. So, place the stitch marker AFTER the stitch and in the previous row directly below the stitch on an \ angle. 

It makes seeing the "marked area" clearer and also the direction of the increase/decrease/pattern/whichever :)

Hope this helps!

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